Norse Tools™ All-in-One Concrete Treatment is a UNIQUE water-based Densifier + Sealant + Grout for the perfect finish when polishing concrete floors and other cementitious surfaces. The solution provides superior performance on concrete, leaving a natural, hard, penetrating coating which cannot peel or flake after reaction.

Cost Effective

Easy to Apply

VOC Free

Non Flammable

Fast Drying



Norse Tools™ All-in-One is a white liquid which penetrates and binds into concrete pores. The penetrating solution densifies, hardens and dust-binds, increasing abrasion resistance.


Norse Tools™ All-in-One works as an impregnating sealant. With low odour and being VOC-free, clean-up is simple: just wash with water. Drying time is short – no curing is required. The treatment is permanent and repels oils, water, and other liquids, leaving surfaces easy to clean and maintain.


When producing a polished concrete floor, pores in the concrete become exposed. These pores need to be filled with grout in order to achieve the desired result. Norse Tools™ All-in-One is a perfect grouting material. Fast-drying and strong, it can be either sprayed in front of the grinding machine and ground into the floor, or mixed with the grinding dust on the floor, spread with a microfibre mop and ground away once dried.


Norse Tools™ All-in-One is a proven solution for both floors and walls in a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential applications. It is suitable for use in warehouses and industrial environments with extensive use of fork-lift trucks and other heavy moving equipment, as well as in high-traffic areas such as  car parks, airport terminals, driveways, factory floors, storage/distribution areas, workshops, etc.

Application Guide

  • Shake the container before use

  • Ensure that the surface to be treated is clean and dust free.

  • Apply on the surface with a low-pressure sprayer. On a steel trowelled surface, even out with a microfiber mop immediately after spraying. This process should be repeated when the product has started to dry. This can take from 3 to 30 minutes. Apply thin coats.
  • Ensure that Norse Tools™ All-in-One does not come into contact with glass, ceramics, metal or painted surfaces. If spilled on such surfaces, clean well with water before the product dries.
  • Application temperature: +10 to + 30 degrees C.
  • Average consumption: 8-12 sqm per litre, depending on the surface suction capacity.
  • Avoid standing water on the surface. With standing water over a longer time a stain might occur.



Store free from frost

Keep the container properly sealed

Use the product within 12 months




Silicates (less than 30%)

Additives (Less than 20%)