Metal Tools

Choosing appropriate, high quality metal tools is the key to delivering high quality polished concrete surfaces with maximum efficiency. Our aim is to keep sharp, fresh diamonds in contact with the concrete, while avoiding the expense of unnecessarily fast wear. We insist on high quality diamonds, the optimal bond, and 100% consistent quality, backed by tireless lab research and extensive real-world testing. We are proud to use these tools for our own projects in Scandinavia – we hope you will appreciate their quality and cost-effectiveness too. 

We offer a comprehensive range of metal tools to fit all manufacturers’ fitting systems. Our tools are available in three hardness grades and multiple grits and optimised for wet or dry use. The weight of machine used, the unevenness of the surface, how aggressive the concrete is and whether the surface is wet or dry are some of the main factors dictating the optimal tools for the job. 

Choose Your Tools!

We design, develop and manufacture our tools to your specifications. You choose your preferred fitting system, bond hardness, grit and number of segments and we’ll do the rest! Our experience has taught us that the Bar and Double Bar segment shape offers the best balance of cost vs performance in most applications, but if you prefer a different segment shape then we can accommodate a custom solution.

1. Fitting System





2. Bond Hardness





3. Grit #

16, 30, 50, 100

200, 400, 800,

1500, 3000

4. Segements

Double Bar

Single Bar


Need Help?

Need some assistance with choosing the right tools for your projects? Our expert team is happy to help you select the best options from the extensive Norse Tools™ range.