Crystal Growth

When applied to a concrete surface, the unique formulation of Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth  Waterproofing Treatment uses Xtal-R™ technology to combine with chemicals inherently present in the concrete to form a web of insoluble crystalline structures within the concrete’s pores and capillaries. These crystalline structures block the ingress of liquid water, whilst still allowing water vapour to escape, maintaining the concrete’s breathability.

Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth Waterproofing Treatment grows the crystals slowly, creating a snow-like crystal structure which interlocks and bonds with neighbouring crystals and with the concrete’s internal structure. This is far more robust and less susceptible to washing out than comparable products with fast-grown, pin-like crystals. 

Applied to either the inside or outside face of the surface being treated, Xtal-R™ Crystal Growth uses an osmotic action to draw the formulation to wherever it is needed – the deeper water penetrates, the deeper Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth Waterproofing Treatment (CGWT) will go, creating new crystals to block any further water ingress. 

Preparation +Application Guide

Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth Waterproofing Treatment can be applied either as a slurry coat or mixed as a mortar to repair and fill cracks and joints within the concrete. 

Slurry-Coat Preparation

  1. Prepare Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth as described in the adjoining table.
  2. Mix the prepared Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth into a slurry at the rate of  1 water : 2.25 – 2.5 powder by volume.
  3. Add water to  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth. DO NOT add  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth to water. Only mix sufficient Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth to be used in 20 minutes.
  4. Apply at the rate of 1kg/sq m per coat. Two coats are required.

Slurry Coat Application Technique 

  1. Surfaces must be free from dust, oil, grease, paint, residual curing compounds, release oil, any previous surface treatment that will impair adhesion of  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth.
  2. Remove any laitance and provide a slightly rough, open-pored surface sufficient to act as a mechanical key. This is essential for adequate adhesion to the  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth.
  3. Dampen surface prior to application. 
  4. Apply by brush or spray onto the dampened substrate.  
  5. Apply 2 coats at right angles. The second coat should be applied whilst the first is firm, but ‘green’ – This is usually 3-4 hours after the first coat (dependant on temperature). 
  6.  If the second coat is applied the following day, dampen with water before applying the second coat.  
  7.  After application, protect the treated surface from sun and ponding water for 4 days.
  8.  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth should be sprayed with a fine mist of water 3-4 times a day for 4 days to assist curing & penetration.
  9. Clean tools and equipment.

Application to floor slab

  1. Prepare Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth as described above
  2. Apply as a sprinkle coating onto freshly placed concrete at the rate of 0.8 kg per square metre. 
  3. Trowel into the fresh concrete. 
  4. If extra protection is required under the slab, sprinkle coating can be applied throughout the reinforcement just prior to casting the slab. Even if this is done,  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth MUST be sprinkled on top of the slab. 

Mortar Preparation

  1. Mix sufficient water into the prepared  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth to achieve the desired mortar consistency.

Filling Voids, Honeycombing & Cracks

  1. Hack out until solid concrete is found. 
  2. Dampen with water. 
  3. Prime the area with  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth slurry. 
  4. Laminate Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth mortar in 30mm layers until the void is filled.

As a mortar for sealing cracks and joints

  1.  Cut out a 20mm wide x 20mm deep section along the entire length of the crack or joint being filled.
  2.  Slurry-coat the surfaces of the cut-out section (see above).
  3.  Fill the cut-out section with  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth mortar.
  4.  Allow to dry for 10 minutes.
  5. Slurry coat the surface of the mortar with  Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth.