Our story

Norse Tools™ has been creating stunning, functional polished concrete floors for some of Scandinavia’s biggest companies for more than 20 years.

Like you, we want to deliver a high-quality product to our customers. And like you, we’re always looking for ways to be work more cleanly, efficiently and cost-effectively

We began to see opportunities to improve the tools and chemical products available on the market. So, we set out on an epic journey of research, testing, refinement and retesting to develop the next-generation products that we wanted to use. These are the tools and chemicals that we apply every day in our own projects.

We are now pleased to share our tried and tested Norse Tools™ range with other concrete polishing professionals. We hope they will help you to grow your business and delight your clients


Why Choose Norse Tools™?

Save Time

We understand the value of efficiency – all our products are designed for fast, easy use. 

Save Money

By cutting out the middle man, we can offer top quality products at real world prices. 

Tried + Tested

The products we sell are the same ones we depend on every day for our own projects.

Expert Advice

Not sure how to tackle a project? Let us recommend a solution that works for you.

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