Norse Tools™ lets you manage your costs without compromising on performance. We offer high quality, cost-efficient alternatives to machine manufacturers’ products, compatible with fitting systems from all major brands, including HTC, Husqvarna, Scanmaskin and Blastrac

With a full range of metal, hybrid and resin tools, Norse Tools™  has the right solution for every surface.

All Norse Tools products result from our own experience of creating polished floors for clients in Scandinavia, combined with extensive research and real-world testing.  By insisting on highest quality diamonds, bonds and construction, we match or exceed the performance and longevity of tools supplied by machine manufacturers.  

Choose Your Tools!

We design, develop and manufacture our tools to your specifications. You choose your preferred fitting system, bond hardness, grit and number of segments and we’ll do the rest! Our experience has taught us that the Bar and Double Bar segment shape offers the best balance of cost vs performance in most applications, but if you prefer a different segment shape then we can accommodate a custom solution.

1. Fitting System





2. Bond Hardness





3. Grit #

16, 30, 50, 100

200, 400, 800,

1500, 3000

4. Segements

Double Bar

Single Bar


Metal Tools

Created for maximum longevity and outstanding performance

Hybrid Tools

Hybrid diamond-bonded tools for precise floor grinding

Resin Tools

Resin tools for stunning polished concrete surfaces