Classic Densifier

When applied to a concrete surface, the unique formulation of Norse Tools™ Crystal Growth  Waterproofing Treatment uses Xtal-R™ technology to combine with chemicals inherently present in the concrete to form a web of insoluble crystalline structures within the concrete’s pores and capillaries. These crystalline structures block the ingress of liquid water, whilst still allowing water vapour to escape, maintaining the concrete’s breathability.

Applying Classic Densifier is the
most widely used method of:

  • Hardening concrete
  • Increasing abrasion resistance
  • Binding dust
  • Enhancing appearance


Our team in Norway has applied Norse Tools Classic Densifier to more than 1,000,000sq m of concrete floors!

Key Benefits

  • 2x Abrasion Resistance compared with untreated concrete
  • 50% Less Water Loss when used as a curing aid
  • Less Dust – binds with the free lime in the concrete to significantly reduce dust
  • Easier Polishing – densfied floors are far easier to polish to the desired finish than untreated concrete
  • More Durable – creates an extremely hard surface that withstands abrasion, impacts + liquid penetration
  • Reduce Environmental Impact and cost by rejuvenating existing concrete

 Laboratory Tested

The effectiveness of Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier has been verified in independent laboratory tests.

Two samples of concrete, one untreated, one treated with Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier were polished and then examined under a microscope. The difference in surface is clear in these images.

Untreated Sample
Treated with Classic Densifier™

Application Guide

Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier is simple to apply

  1. Ensure that the surface to be treated is clean and free from dirt, paint, coatings, oil, and other contaminants.
  2. Spray Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier onto the concrete with a low-pressure sprayer to “flood-coat” the surface. If you cannot see footprints when stepping on the coated surface then you have not applied enough.
  3. Coverage guide: 4-6m per litre (dependent on concrete porosity)
  4. Agitate the Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier into the concrete with a broom.
  5. Leave Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier on the surface for at least 30 minutes, until it becomes gel-like.
  6. A hot environment can cause Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier to become gel-like too soon (less than 30 minutes). In this case, mist the surface with water and agitate once again with a broom. This will allow Norse Tools™ Classic Densifier to work properly by maintaining its liquid state for the full 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes, flush away the surface gel with water, using a broom to help loosen the excess.
  8. Squeegee the water from the surface.
  9. Allow to dry for 3 hours.