Chemicals and treatments for polished concrete

From densifying and dust-binding to sealing and protection, the creation and long-term performance of polished concrete floors and walls depends on using the correct chemical products for every application. 

Our in-house team has conducted exhaustive research into the composition and performance of concrete polishing chemicals. We have developed and refined a range of products with the aim of delivering cleaner, time-saving products that are cost effective and easier to apply. As well as offering alternatives to industry standard products, we are leading the way with game-changing chemical products like our unique All-in-One water-based Densifier + Sealant + Grout 

These are the same chemicals that we use ourselves on our concrete polishing projects in Scandinavia. 


Easy Densifier

The easier, faster, cleaner alternative to traditional densifiers

Classic Densifier

The original impregnating formula for densifying concrete floors.

All In One

A unique, cost-effective combined Densifier + Sealant + Grout

Crystal Growth

Advanced waterproofing treatment with Xtal-R™ technology.