Easy Densifier

Correct densification is the key to achieving a stunning polished concrete finish. Traditional densifiers are messy to use and attaining professional results takes a lot of time and skill. We formulated Norse Tools Easy Densifier™ to be easier, faster and cleaner to use, while retaining all the benefits of a high-specification densifier.  

1. Spray On

2. Mop Over

3. Done!

It really is that simple! Spray the concrete with Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier as soon as the concrete is stable enough to walk on then then work it with a microfibre mop. FINISHED!

The result will be a beautifully densified floor.

Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier is a clear liquid which hardens and dustproofs concrete at a molecular level, resulting in a more abrasion and stain-resistant surface that is far less susceptible to dusting, whilst also enhancing the appearance of the concrete and making it easier and cheaper to clean and maintain. When applied to a steel-trowelled surface, the appearance will actually improve with time and use.

Key Benefits

  • 2x Abrasion Resistance compared with untreated concrete
  • 50% Less Water Loss when used as a curing aid
  • Less Dust – binds with the free lime in the concrete to significantly reduce dust
  • Easier Polishing – densified floors are far easier to polish to the desired finish than untreated concrete
  • More Durable – creates an extremely hard surface that withstands abrasion, impacts + liquid penetration
  • Reduce Environmental Impact and cost by rejuvenating existing concrete

Curing Aid

Dust Binding

Save Time

2.5x Densification

Fast, Clean, Easy

Save Money

Application Guide

Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier is simple to apply

  1.  Ensure that the surface to be treated is clean and free from dirt, paint, coatings, oil, and other contaminants. 
  2. Spray Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier onto the concrete with a low-pressure sprayer to cover the surface. 
  3. Coverage guide: 4-6m  per litre (dependent on concrete porosity). 
  4.  Agitate the Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier into the concrete with a broom.
  5.  Leave Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier on the surface for at least 30 minutes, until it becomes gel-like. 
  6.  A hot environment can cause Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier to become gel-like too soon (less than 30 minutes). In this case, mist the surface with water and agitate once again with a broom. This will allow Norse Tools™ Easy Densifier to work correctly by maintaining its liquid state for the full 30 minutes. 
  7.  After 30 minutes, flush away the surface gel with water, using a broom to help loosen the excess.
  8.  Squeegee the water from the surface.
  9. Allow to dry for 3 hours.